12 april 2023 | Complexiteit

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare Copenhagen 2023

The poster was created by bringing together the lessons learned from different healthcare organizations within the mutual MediRisk


MediRisk is a non profit mutual insurance company for patient safety and medical liability located in Utrecht. Our members (especially hospitals) are also the owners. They founded MediRisk more than thirty years ago to keep medical liability affordable and insurable. Currently, about half of the general hospitals in the Netherlands are part of the mutual.

Due to the unique character of the mutual in which hospitals have united to both bear the costs together and to share insight about claims we are able to realize ambitious Safety Programs.

Since 2017, our focus changed from Safety-I to Safety-II. We realized In cooperation with Denmark collaboratives

Collobarotive Learning Safety-II and Restorative Just Culture

In collaborative learning programs we share knowledge, experience and conduct research in practice.

We believe that a practice of Restorative Just Culture can lead to organizational learning, emotional healing for the people involved in incidents and a reduction in the likelihood of claims.

That is why a group of Dutch hospitals changed their approach in dealing with adverse events from interrogating those involved to a more healing approach with all those concerned.

Fellowship program New View in Patient Safety

Back row: Patricia Wimmer MediRisk, Alex Wilbrink MediRisk, Caroline Heijckmann, internist-endocrinologist Bernhoven, Anne-Loes Luyendijk MediRisk, Wendy Oerbekke ZGT, Thera Koppenol Rijnstate, Frederike Huegen, Business Analist HAP Rijnmond. Middle row: Astrid Ferwerda MediRisk, Mirjam Schotman, urologist Meander, Miriam Kroeze MediRisk. Front row: Prof. Sidney Dekker and Robert Jan de Boer

In 2022 we started a MediRisk Fellowship program New View on Safety. To build expertise with people from the healthcare practice. Together they follow a four-day masterclass with Professor Sidney Dekker in which restorative just culture is also a very important topic.

If you would like more information about Safety-II and restorative just culture, get in touch with Miriam Kroeze: miriam.kroeze@medirisk.nl



The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare
15-17 may 2023

The International Forum in Copenhagen will focus on the key themes in health and care in Europe, while bringing in perspectives and knowledge from around the world. See our in-person programme.

Jointly organised by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and BMJ, the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare has a rich history of supporting and energising the international movement for health and care improvement.

From 300 people meeting in London in 1996 to around 5000 improvers attending the International Forum events every year, the conference is the place to hear and meet some of the world’s brightest minds and to forge relationships that drive improvement and innovation in health and care across the world. You can find our list of speakers here.


International Forum Copenhagen